Kelvin Bui
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  Summary/Knowledge Gamut  
Who I am / What drives me    I am a year old engineer eager to do work that will make the world a better place. I believe in technology’s ability to obtain solutions more effectively than ever before and want to be a part of its development. I am a good problem solver and constantly strive for a deeper understanding of the world. Insight into the underlying mechanics allows better designed solutions ahead. My Masters Degree has been a direct effect of that motivation.
What are my goals     With limited resources like energy, time, and natural resources it becomes more important to use them in a efficient and sustainable way. I would like to work towards these goals of efficiency and sustainability. I have gone through my education trying to understand such real-world problems as: image regcoginition, real-time processing, power management, and nano-scale device challenges. They are all difficult problems, but hopefully with my abilities and the help of other like-minded people, we can exploit the amazing capabilities of technology.
What do I know     The Computer Engineering Degree at UCSD requires more study than Electrical Engineering or Computer Science, yet not enough to qualify as a double-major. I enjoy optimizing algorithms and figuring out how to use the most of our computing power. A strong hardware knowledge helps to to understand the software/hardware system as a whole and the limitations of each. As such, my skills and knowledge are varied and are as follows:

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