Kelvin Bui
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Auto window shades using the Atmel microcontroller.
   The possibilities are endless when you can use a small microcontroller. In this case, I want to use it to control car window blinds that move up when the car is parked to block out sun rays. The most popular solution today is to use the windshield shade that looks like foil and is very inconvienient. It doesn't handle the side windows or the back window. The hardest part of this project is the mechanics, not the software. I need to custom design it and build it from scratch.

Food in Theory- A food blog.

   In an attempt to bring my engineering nature to my love of food, I am going to start a food blog that goes over the mechanics of why food tastes so good. I will try to explain food theory like temperature control, the solubility of flavors, and other such scientific reasonings. Alton Brown does a good job of trying to do this for the mainstream media, but I will attempt to take it one step further.

Other Interests.
   My other interests include road bicycling, tennis, badminton, strategy games, cooking and the great outdoors. The beautiful human efficiency of the bicycle is hard to ignore. I'd radther bike 10 miles than run for 1 on a treadmill. I live by the the R's, reduce, reuse, recycle and hope to do something significant for the environment someday. I'm a DIY-er with enough tools to back that statement up. Instructables is one of my favorite websites. I can fix just about anything. I enjoy learning and intend to never stop doing so.
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